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Extending Your Site with GBRDirect’s API


Let your users bring the ease and convenience of the Global Business Register with them by adding it directly into your applications. This will allow you the ability to directly search and access the data stored in the national corporate registers of many countries in Europe and across the globe. You’ll be able to extend your site or application to:

  • Provide a better experience: Build better experiences on your site by integrating company profiles, person profiles and company documents directly into your business processes.

  • Increase productive engagement: When your users have access to profiles, they are more productive researching companies and people. This will save time and money just to highlight a couple of opportunities.

Where Do I Begin?

In a few simple steps, you can start building GBRDirect into your site:
Request an API Key Browse the documentation

An API key will give your application access to the power of the GBRDirect network. All you need to do is to email us at and let us know exactly what it is you require. A member of our support team will respond to you and help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Start with the functional specification document to understand the various web methods and schemas employed and move on from there. If you run into problems we have a support team ready to help. All you need do is email us at and we will look into the problem.

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